Rust and DataQuest

Today, I began learning Rust. I am learning this so I can start creating desktop application with Tauri, which is a framework that allows you to use html, css, and js to design desktop applications while using Rust under the hood. It's similiar to Electron, however unlike Electron, it is alot more performant and optimized. Honestly, I was planning to use Electron but it seemed to be a huge time investment, so I figured I might as well spend my time instead with Rust and Tauri. Anyways, I am currently following this resource to learn Rust. The goal is to finish this book before moving on to the Tauri framework.

In addition to that, I completed DataQuest part 2 finally. I completed the project exercise that involved using data visualization to analyze traffic data. I really enjoyed this module. However, I feel that I definitely need to use these tools alot more to really improve my data analysis skills.