More Rust

Today, I finished Part 2 in the Rust book. In this chapter, the book has you build a "guess the number" program to introduce several Rust language features. For example, the match feature is something new I learned. It seems like a switch statement, but much more powerful. This chapter has really piqued my interest in the language and I look forward to learning more! Here was the program that was built:

use std::io; use std::cmp::Ordering; use rand::Rng; fn main() { println!("Guess the number!"); let secret_number = rand::thread_rng().gen_range(1..=100); println!("The secret number is: {secret_number}"); loop { println!("Input your guess:"); let mut guess = String::new(); io::stdin().read_line(&mut guess).expect("Failed to read line"); let guess: u32 = match guess.trim().parse() { Ok(num) => num, Err(_) => continue, }; println!("You guessed {guess}"); match guess.cmp(&secret_number) { Ordering::Less => println!("Too small!"), Ordering::Greater => println!("Too big!"), Ordering::Equal => { println!("You Win!"); break; }, } } }